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Main specificities and advantages of UniCat.Online app:

1. Ease of creation. The database with the catalogue of your products or services is easy to create. As a piece of cake. On the customer service website, there are detailed instructions on catalogue database creation ("How to Create" page).

2. Ease of use. The application's interface is convenient and user-friendly. On the customer service website, there is a brief instruction on how to use the app ("How to Use" page).

3. One application - multiple catalogues. Within a single application, you might view an unlimited number of different catalogues. The user will conveniently view them in the already familiar interface. Moreover, your device's storage volume is spared, as no separate application needs to be downloaded and installed for each catalogue.

4. The required catalogue will always be ready to hand. The user may add a catalogue he or she likes to Favorites and download it from there at any time.

5. More convenient than a website. Some websites may be well adapted to browsing from tablets or smartphones, while some may not. The application was initially designed for iPad and iPhone, so it is to the utmost adapted to your device in terms of comfort and the speed of information display.

6. Absolutely free of charge for catalogue creators. You may create your own catalogue for UniCat.Online absolutely for free. You only require a hosting for your files to be included in the catalogue.

7. Absolutely free of charge for users. UniCat.Online app is available for free download, and may be used for an unlimited time absolutely free of charge as well. Within the application, you will be shown ads occasionally. You may turn ads off for a long time for a minor fee, or you may continue using the app absolutely free of charge.

8. Multilanguage support. As of today, the application supports several languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. For your convenience, the application's language you install might differ from the language of your device's (tablet or smartphone) OS. ATTENTION! The language will be changed only in the menus and service fields of the application itself. All product, group, trademark and collection descriptions will remain in the same language in which they were introduced into the catalogue's database by its creators.

9. Confidentiality. You'd like to make a confidential commercial offer of particular products or services to your business partner at special prices? Send him the link to the catalogue database created specially for him. In contrast to a website accessible to anyone, the catalogue will only be seen to you and your business partner.

10. An unlimited number of catalogues may be created for the application, even if those are different catalogues from the same company. No limitations at all.

11. Within the same catalogue, there may be an unlimited number of products, product groups, trademarks or collections. No limitations at all. However, for your database's best loading speed, the catalogue's size shouldn't exceed 2 to 3 thousand product items. Any larger product quantities should better be divided into different groups, with a separate catalogue created for each of such groups.

12. Changes can be made easily to an existing catalogue database, and such changes will be shown almost right away when your catalogue is browsed by users.

13. Free customer services for users and catalogue creators at

14. Users may form and send you e-mail inquiries on the availability of particular product or service in stock right from the app.

15. The app has an advanced filter for product parameters with multi-choice (choice of several values for a single search parameter).

16. Your catalogue may contain quite different groups of products, and each group may have its own unique set of parameters. It is upon you to identify that set, give names to the parameters and adjust their values!

17. As of the date of the application's first publication to the AppStore (September 2016), it has no analogues.

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